Starburst, a Star in the NetEnt Universe

There are a growing number of suppliers of casino gaming software, but some of them enjoy an impeccable reputation. This is the case of NetEnt. It has already developed over 500 slot machines, and each one of them is a real masterpiece. Among the most popular at the moment, Starburst cannot be ignored, and it isn’t a coincidence. This slot machine has everything to seduce all slot machine lovers, including a very good Starburst bonus. One will take a quick look at the principles and rules of the game because the most important thing when we talk about Starburst is the Starburst bonus.

StarburstStarburst Game’s Rules

It’s hard to find an online casino with a NetEnt platform that doesn’t offer Starburst. This game is not new and, to tell the truth, there is nothing innovative about it. The graphics are based on the famous game of stones. Online and mobile gaming fans know it all too well. On closer inspection, at least compared to other NetEnt slots, Starburst is not the most sophisticated. For example, it is criticised for lacking the scatter feature, but that’s precisely what makes it so appealing. The principle of play is so simple that even a novice will find it easy to play.

There are 5 reels of symbols (in this case gems) and 10 reels of payment. Three reels are equipped with the Starburst Wild feature, which offers players the possibility to restart the game and the “win both ways” feature. Clicking on “start” starts the game after placing the bet. One can make a maximum or minimum bet. It is also possible to use the automatic game function, which will start the game with the programmed number of chips. To win, all one has to do is line up a winning combination. The list of winning combinations and the winnings allocated to them are displayed on the payable. Clicking on any symbol on the board will give you easy access to it.

On the surface, it may not look like much, but it’s just that on the surface there must be a reason for this slot machine to be so popular. Although the game has been around for a very long time, it is still highly appreciated by all online casino players.

Starburst Bonus, the Real Pleasure of the Game

This slot machine has its advantages. The first is that it is one of the most generous on the market with a payout rate of over 95%. But its real popularity is because of the Starburst Wild feature. Wild symbols replace all other symbols and the player can then easily win on his bet line. Even better, the line with the highest bet will be paid out. Simultaneous wins on other lines can also be paid out. Wild symbols can only appear on the second, third or fourth reel. However, they only need to appear on one reel to trigger the Wild Starburst feature. Unlike other slot machines, its symbols do not disappear. They are automatically blocked, while the other symbols play a new round.

If another wild symbol appears, it will be locked with the previous symbol(s) when the round is restarted. The player can re-spin three times, which considerably increases the chances of winning. The re-spin will be made under the same conditions as for the bet before the first Wild symbol appears. Therefore, if the player’s bet was maximum, his chances of winning are very high. The Wild option only ends when the player can no longer get an additional Wild symbol. This will mean that he has already received all symbols on all three reels, or that after the first or second Wild symbol appears, it has not received any more identical symbols. The Wild Starburst feature can help the player win up to 50,000 coins, a huge Starburst bonus. Since one knows that the sum of the bets may vary between $0.01 and $100, it is easy to understand what winnings are possible.


Starburst, the Ultimate Game for Beginners

The era of the simplistic slot machine where the player just has to make a bet and click a button is long gone. Slot machines are becoming more and more sophisticated, and often players have to engage in some complex programming before they can start the game. On the one hand, this is an advantage because all of its features increase the chances of winning. On the other hand, there is another inconsiderable problem. Only experienced players can take full advantage of it. Beginners very often have problems understanding all the rules, and the options that can help them.

That’s precisely why Starburst is so popular. It suits everyone. The very high payback rate and Starburst bonus make it attractive to experienced players, while young players will not need special help to play it and maximise their winnings. For a long time, some casinos did not even hesitate to offer free spins to their players on this slot machine. Although this trend is no longer fashionable, it is still possible to play in demo mode. Casinos that allow it are rare, but they are still available. Just search through the many NetEnt Casinos. The list of good addresses will be longer than you think. On NetEnt’s website, you will find with no difficulty all these casinos.

With Starburst, NetEnt proves that it is not always necessary to present highly complex games to please the players. Often, simplicity is the basis for success. Starburst has been available in online casinos for a long time already, but it continues to attract more players than some very sophisticated slot machines. Those who have never tried this game before will enjoy doing so. Starburst, like all NetEnt games, is highly addictive. Those who have already played Jewels games on a smartphone can confirm this. It’s hard to explain why this game is so appealing, but once you play it, it’s hard to stop. Even those who play complex games will eventually come back to it.