Starburst Slot Review

Rather than releasing the same old thing in the name of a physical slot, NetEnt saw it fit to switch gears and treat the casino community with a slot game never seen before. That slot game was Starburst. Looking at the level of success that Starburst slot has had in the online casino industry, someone can rightly guess that not even the engineers at NetEnt knew what the game would turn out to be like.

From video effects and music to the cutting-edge technology used to create it, everything in Starburst slot has been tuned to almost perfection. But before spinning the Starburst reels, it is noble for players to understand a few things about this slot game. This site is committed to giving players everything they need to know about Starburst, right from its features and symbols to RTP and everything in between. It pays to stay tuned.

Starburst Explained

Starburst is a NetEnt slot with five reels and 10 paylines. It was launched in 2012 has a wide range of coin values to choose from. While the game comes with a fixed payline amount, players can adjust their bet sizes by altering such parameters as the Coin Value and the Bet Level. As a departure from the majority of its counterparts, Starburst slot pays out wins both ways. This gives players plenty of options when it comes to lining up their winning combinations.

Starburst Features and Symbols

Categorising Starburst’s theme is a tricky exercise. While the engaging soundtrack and slick graphics give the game an arcade feel, on one hand, the airy background tune, star symbols, and dark background make it feel as though it were an outer space. Either way, however, the fact remains that the game is entertaining, interesting, and engaging. Starburst slot comes with a wealth of regular symbols, including a Purple Gem, Blue Gem, Red Gem, Green Gem, Yellow Gem, Lucky 7, and a Bar.

Starburst’s Special Features

Starburst would not be ruling the slots world as it does today (as of 2020) if it were not for its special features, which enable players to access big wins. With Starburst, everything will change once the real hero appears. That hero is none other than the Starburst Wild symbol. This symbol appears on three reels (2, 3, and 4). It doesn’t matter how mediocre the player’s spin is, this special feature has what it takes to bring about a big moment of happiness. In a nutshell, this symbol sets players up for the slot’s biggest possible win.

Starburst RTP

Defined, Return to Player (RTP) is a metrics used to determine the number of a player’s slot wagers which will be returned expressed as a percentage. Starburst fans will be pleased to discover that the game comes with such a high RTP. While RTP does not in any way give players an assurance that they will get their money back, the metrics is important in conveying the return in the long-term. This simply means that players can expect a certain all-time RTP on average, despite their game sessions being higher or lower.

starburst slot

How to Get Started with Starburst

Getting started with Starburst is as simple as counting 1, 2, 3… Its rules are simple to follow, and that’s why it is such a popular casino game among players. To start playing the game, players simply need to follow the following steps:

Sign up with an online casino that offers Starburst: A player will need an email address and a password.

Login : Once they’re done with the registration process, the next thing will be to log into their account and navigate all the way to Starburst slot. Being such a popular casino game, no one should experience any difficulties finding the game on the site. The game can be located under popular games. The site’s search bar (if any) can also be used to find the game. Most online casinos arrange games by category, which means Starburst will definitely be under the Slots category.

Launch and enjoy the game: Once a player has located the game, they will need to select the Bet Level as well as the Coin Value before they can spin the reels.

If a player feels the process is tedious, there is a way they can do away with this seemingly troublesome process. They simply need to log into their account, switch to the Autoplay mode, and sit back and let the software do the rest of the work on their behalf.

Playing Starburst on the Go

For those slots players who like playing on the go, Starburst slot is definitely their thing. Available is the game’s mobile-compatible version, which runs seamlessly on a wealth of mobile gadgets, including tablets and smartphones. Is anyone worried about missing some features of the game? They don’t have to, given that the mobile version comes with some great graphics, just the same way the desktop version does. The only difference is that players on the go will be playing the game on a smaller screen. For purposes of touchscreen play, the layout of the mobile version has been made simple.

To optimise Starburst slot for the mobile gadgets’ smaller screen, there is a separate menu through which players can do a number of things, including adjusting the coin value and bet level, and turning on the autoplay feature.

starburst slot on mobile


Starburst comes with lots of goodies, as clearly seen in this piece. While the game does not have progressive jackpots or bonus rounds, it boasts a modern design, and it is visually fulfilling to boot. Not only is it action-packed, but the game provides players with super-cool features, which accompany them (the players) through a dazzling journey right from the time they log in to the time they log out. And there are the Starburst Wild symbols, which set players up for the game’s biggest win. While NetEnt is on record for supplying many other exceptional products, the company surely deserves credit on this particular one.